Ask me anything   I'm here. I'm queer. I'm small. I'm...I'm...wait, what am I?


Sasuke showing up at the scene all 


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Today is the type of day that makes me want to jump off a cliff.

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"science says
that no matter how close you get
to someone
you still cannot occupy the same
space as them
I think of the nights we wasted
pressing our skin against each
other so hard that we bruised
our bones
I think it can’t be true
that the closest I’ll ever be to you
is beside you
it is not enough
I hold my hand to your
and watch it float on the calm
waves of your breath
There is not enough time
to love you the way that I want to
the universe may expand infinitely
but I am not allowed that same
I cannot become the sky.
You ask me what I’m thinking
and if it hurts
I say nothing
you ask me again if it hurts
I say
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The most beautiful cat cafe I have been to. It’s called Temari no Ouchi (Temari’s house) in Tokyo, Japan. The soft music and ambience feels like you are in a Studio Ghibli film. Had to take the Japan Railway there, but was totally worth the extra trip, & unlike the central Tokyo cat cafes, this one has no time limit, so feels totally relaxed. Several girls were even sleeping there amongst the cats.

the ultimate coffee date spot for lesbos
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When I was 6 my brother told me that old people sag because they’re being pulled to hell and I cried

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